Adventure at Desert Safari World

If you have visited other parts of Middle East like Syria, Oman, Egypt and Jordan then, this time, you surely need to give a chance to Desert Safari World.  The place offers great adventure and activities. The place provides many choices for its visitors. People can choose the vehicle like Toyota 4 x4 Land Cruiser or ride in Hummer. The place lets you enjoy different plans, and the visitors can select that whether they want morning safari package, afternoon or evening plan or overnight tour. The place offers various activities like go Kart riding, ATV riding, henna tattoo, camel riding and sand boarding. Following is the information about the activities in Desert Safari.

Tour of Desert Safari world

You will find many tour companies at Desert safari which provides you ride in Hummer and Land Cruiser. Remember that ride in Hummer will be expensive than the land cruiser. The distance from Dubai city to Hatta is 1 hour. You will be able to rest in Hatta where people can buy different souvenirs and drinks. The vehicles of one tourism company will remain in a group during the trip. The biggest sand dunes are present in Hatta, and it lies at the Borer of Oman. At the evening plan of Desert Safari, you will be able to enjoy sand skiing, fantastic dinner, and dances.


Sand boarding

Desert Safari world offers one of the great activities which you can enjoy at the camp. The camp provides you free sand boarding at the high sand dunes. Your experience will be great. The sand dunes are not very tall, but you can still have a great experience.

Shisha Smoking

On your way to Desert Safari, you will be able to enjoy Shisha smoking. The shisha surely needs a try. Of you do not want to spend money, then you can enjoy Hookah for free. The variety of flavors will surely add taste. However, flavors like apple, peach, orange, mint and bubble gum will be available. Shisha in Dubai is considered as a part of culture.

Camel ride

Instead of luxurious cars, you can also take a ride on a camel. It will be a great trip. The desert trip on a camel in the evening time will surely be exceptional. You do not have to pay more to enjoy a camel ride. The tour will be of 30 minutes and gives you a whole sight-seeing of the desert.

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